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Reductra™ Greatly Improves the Effectiveness and Anti-Glycation Factor of Most Diabetic Nutraceuticals and Extends Functionality By 1-4 Hours

REDUCTRA™ is a standardized soluble chitosan supplement that significantly improves the

effectiveness of most diabetic nutraceuticals. REDUCTRA works exceptionally well by itself, as well as

in conjunction with numerous other nutraceutical blood glucose reducers.

REDUCTRA is a highly purified, natural, high molecular weight, soluble form of enzyme treated

chitosan that improves glucose metabolism sugar spikes throughout digestion, absorption and excretion,

and helps to lower A1C and glycemic index. REDUCTRA is not the same as regular insoluble chitosans,

which are normally used for fat absorption, nor is it a chitosan compound, salt or primary oligosaccharide.

REDUCTRA is designed to work with blood glucose reducing agents, and does not dissipate rapidly

from the system.

REDUCTRA should never be used with prescription drugs, injectables, or similar agents without the

approval of a qualified health practitioner, since it could possibly lower blood glucose levels too much if

not used appropriately.

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