Oxxy-Gen - child

Oxxy-Gen - child
Product Code: Oxxy-Gen - child
Price: $199.95


The Oxxy-Gen Emergency Escape Kit provides up tp 30 minutes of breathable oxygenated air for escape or rescue from emergency situations in office buildings, homes, apartments, dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes, adult residential facilities, hotels, cruise ships, and other places where fire and other dangerous situations can arise. The kit contains the Oxxy-Gen Emergency Escape Respirator with reflective safety stripes, as well as goggles, a nose clip and an LED light. It is compact and easy to store.

The Oxxy-Gen Emergency Escape Kit supplies up to 30 minutes of oxygenated air, depending on activity level of the user. It provides total respiratory protection by isolating the user from the hazardous environment. There is an adult kit, and a child kit for use by children 5 – 10 years of age. It is lightweight, portable, and virtually maintenance free. And, it is affordable!

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